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August 29th, 2005

slytherin_lord @ 01:20 am: Okay, this community cracks me up. But... where's all the plushy love? I'm gonna have to dick up some recs if I can find them, cause I know they're out there. There's a great one with Draco humping his stuffed snake, and I know of one a friend wrote for me that wasn't exactly plushy love, but it did include an amazingly wonderful scene with an animate teddy bear climbing into bed with Draco/Crabbe/Goyle. Draco/Plushie is real, dudes, and frankly it may just be my otp right now.

March 30th, 2004

lonestarkate @ 03:37 pm: the plushie strikes back

Draco/Plushie part 2, JKR's universe, not mine

The next night, he had a visitor- a pretty, dark-haired boy. One of the house elves had put me back where I belonged, so I got an eyeful.

Humans are quite odd about sex, you know.

I was musing over that, when one of them grabbed me. I knew what was coming next. I wasn't a happy bunny.

Don't look at me like that. You'd have done the same thing. Oh, don't shake your head, saying you'd be pleased to be used like I was...discarded, abandoned, when the other was sated.

Thus, I bit.

March 28th, 2004

slytherinjenn @ 04:10 pm: Whoooo
OMG!! We've got 6 members now! *dances* I am NOT the only demented one out there *sighs* this is great :D

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March 27th, 2004

slytherinjenn @ 11:48 pm: Plushie love AND Squick!
The bed sags with his weight and I am glad he's come back to me. But wait,
he's not entirely alone? What's THAT for? Draco's never brought anything that
wiggly into bed with us. Oooo, it looks like a slug, whatever will he do with a
slug? I wait patiently as he undresses and pulls me close to him, my stuffing
coming out at the seems where he always likes to put his hardness. Now
he's thrusting into me as he impales himself on that slimy slug....moaning and
writhing in under the covers until he finally cums all over my tattered body, the
slug between his legs has been smushed to bits by the clenching of his
tight walls. I never mind, he's been using me for more than a comfort object
for years and I hope he keeps me forever.

I am so demented :)

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lonestarkate @ 03:33 pm:

Draco/Plushie. JKR's universe, not mine.

It was thoroughly disgusting.

I was used to him wanking. I'd even become accustomed to him having partners in bed. But to use me in that manner?!

I'm an old bunny, a bit past my prime. A bit worn- one of my seams have split. I suppose that's what gave him the idea. I was sitting on my side of the bed, minding my own business (hitting up the sheperdess across the room), when I felt him reach for me. He'd been at it all night long, muttering, 'Potter' when he had both breath and brains to do so. He let off for a moment, working at the gap in my my seam, widening it. I felt something bigger, harder pushing at me. When I realised what it was, I nearly came alive then and there. I relaxed, though, and he quit pushing me onto him. My filler settled around him, and he started stroking my underside, and himself. His pace grew faster, and I heard him make that little noise in the back of his throat that meant the bed was going to get wet.

Except, of course, this time it was me soaked through. He pulled me off, dropping me on the floor.

"Night," he said, before falling asleep.

slytherinjenn @ 03:22 pm: Welcome!
Anyone who finds this sick bit of community ;) Welcome! I hope there will actually be some members and participation ;) We shall see!

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